Guestling Parish Council

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – ROTHER DRAFT LOCAL PLAN 2020-2040  – CONSULTATION DATES : 12 weeks from 30 April – 23 July 2024

It is important for residents within Guestling Parish to feedback on the Local Plan in general but they may want to pay specific interest to the sections on Guestling. The Local Plan and the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) give detail of where any prospective sites for development in Guestling and surrounding areas, in the future, may be and also sites that have been considered and currently rejected.

Draft Local Plan 2020-2040

Local Plan FULL


A Local Plan is a requirement for the Local Planning Authority (LPA) to have a plan which “guides decisions on future development proposals and addresses the needs and opportunities of the area. Topics that Local Plans usually cover include housing, employment and shops and they also identify where development should take place and areas where development should be restricted.”

Currently Rother’s 2014 Local Plan is in need of updating and Rother are now at what is called the draft (regulation 18) stage. This is the opportunity for Parish Councils and member of the public to feedback there views about the proposed plan.

Rother have a dedicated website at: On this page is the link to the main draft Local Plan which includes all of the proposed policies etc across the District. However, it also has Guestling Parish specific items on there as well.



THREE OAKS HALL HIRE – Tel : 07455024149       email :   

GUESTLING HALL HIRE – Colin Jury Tel : 01424 812584

The parish of Guestling and Three oaks lies about 4 miles north-east of Hastings on and around the A259.

Guestling is derived from the Anglo Saxon Gestling (Gesta’s family). Gestlinges is one of the three villages mentioned in the Domesday book as being part of the rape of Gestlinges, also including Luet( Modern Pett ) and Ramslie( a large manor including Fairlight ).   The Main Court for the Western towns in the Cinque Ports was held at Guestling.

Three Oaks has its own village hall and Guestling village hall is beside the junction with the A259 and Church Lane which leads to Church of St Lawrence.

Hand made bricks are made in Fourteen Acre Lane, Three Oaks. The Guestling bricks are in great demand for restoring Churches and other old buildings. Customers have included Camber Castle, Hampton Court and Buckingham Palace.

Guestling and Three Oaks are served by two public houses. The Three Oaks in Butchers Lane and the White Hart on the A259.

One of England’s great scholars at the time of Shakespeare birth, was Gregory Martin. He was born in Maxfield, an old timbered house in Three Oaks. He became the tutor in the house of the Duke of Norfolk, and spent the last years of his life at Rheims. Here he translated the Latin Bible into English. He died in 1582 and is buried in Rheims.

The parish is crossed by a network of public footpaths and bridleways, providing great walking and panoramic views of the Sussex countryside.