Guestling & Three Oaks Speedwatch

As a local community we have always believed that there is a speed issue in our parish, but until recently were unable to prove this fact.

Our group has trained volunteers to operate a SID(Speed Indicator Device) which is a device that displays in large numbers the speed of drivers heading towards it.

The device also has the capability of recording the speed of vehicles passing by and the time this occured, and that the device can have its display switched off. This means we have the facility to capture vehicle statistics in the area without influencing the traffic, hence providing accurate statistics. Deploying the Device to capture number plates has a tendancy decrease the number of speeding vehicles captured as motorists warn each other of the Devices existence. So far the scheme has been operating in Three Oaks but will soon be extended to cover other areas in the parish where speeding is an issue.

Follow the link below for more information about community speedwatch groups.